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"Creativity takes courage."
-Henri Matisse

It's not easy being an artist. It's work. You can't just wait for lightning to strike and inspiration to happen. For the most part that doesn't happen. You have to be very motivated. But I think for most artists, there's just that natural drive and need to create.

The flip side is that there's also a lot of self-doubt. You're putting yourself out there. You're creating something. Expressing something inside of you and putting it there for everybody to see. It can be nerve wracking. But as one of my college professors once told me, if you don't have doubts about your work, then you haven't put enough of yourself into it in the first place.

So there are sacrifices. But art can be extremely rewarding as well. Art, in whatever form, has the power to influence people's lives, and when it does, it can have a profound effect.