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I've been around cameras all my life. I remember being five years old and my father putting a twin lens reflex camera in my hands and showing me how to use it. It wasn't until my seventeenth birthday that I had a camera of my own, a pentax K1000. It was a great camera to learn photography on, and I got a lot of use out of it, including my trip across the country in the fall of 1994 when I shot over one hundred rolls of film in less than seven weeks. It is actually the only film camera I've ever owned.

I never thought I'd convert to digital, considering the years I had spent working with film. When I first started using a digital camera, my intention was to get snapshots of ideas for paintings, capturing compositions that I found interesting. But as I spent more and more time in front of a computer on a regular basis, it became much more practical to make the conversion.